WeWillGo Arts

What if ministry was sustainable? What if we could help a neighbor out with their basic needs and also disciple them? That was the idea we had when we started WWG Arts. Every week we hire neighbors to help us make items that we can sell.

We believe God makes broken lives new. Our opportunity with WeWillGo Arts is to point out the Creator’s tendency toward restoration through the products we create.

The antique wood used for our frames and easels—some of which was reclaimed from  formerly abandoned houses in Jackson, Mississippi’s Historic Farish District—symbolizes the prophecy of Isaiah 61:3. By using wood from condemned homes, we “provide for those who grieve in Zion, bestow[ing] on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”  Jackson is our Jerusalem—a Zion in the making. God’s plan is complete restoration.

Our Goals

Using hand-crafted techniques, repurposed wood, and an eye for beauty, WWG Arts has existed since 2012 to:

— train, mentor, and disciple men and women

— produce and sell quality and practical creations

— share the gospel in the marketplace

Our Heart

At our heart is a desire to obey Jesus by making disciples. They are people who prove to be available, faithful, and teachable. We want the people of Jackson to know the truth about following Jesus, and to walk in truth because of it.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to train people to trust God for all their needs. Some people have jobs, and some people don’t, but everyone has work to do. We aim to reveal to our trainees, that God has entrusted them with time, talents, and resources. Everything we have belongs to Him anyway, but He lets us take care His provision.

Our Products

Every product serves a purpose; old becoming new. It's a symbol of the restorative nature of our God. We are honored to preserve the story of Jackson’s Historic Farish District by using antique wood from formerly condemned houses in some of our products.

For questions about prices and availability, contact Elizabeth Ulanday by email: arts@wewillgo.org or phone (601) 398-2410, Ext 3.