Internship Program

God keeps calling regular people from all walks of life to move downtown. We are amazed at all the beautiful people He’s called to this city. You can read the stores from all
the current missionaries by hovering over the “missionaries” tab on any page.

Our internship program is for men and women 18 and older who have a clear call from God to move to the city of Jackson. As far as time commitments go, we ask for at least a 6-month commitment.

We also have a summer internship. Click here to find out more about Camp Hope!

The process for becoming an intern is simple and yet guided by the Holy Spirit. 


1) First, those interested in interning with WWG should schedule an overnight visit. (See the Visit Us tab for instructions). It is best to visit for the better part of a week or as your schedule allows. All visitors are invited to every ministry event throughout the week. They also get to hear the testimonies of current missionaries and to see how God has brought restoration to our neighborhood.

2) The next step is completing the Intern Application (When you click on the link you can download the document). If during your visit God keeps putting the people of Jackson on your heart, then you are going to want to share what he’s doing in your heart. Once complete, please send it to

3) After reviewing your application, David and Amy Lancaster will schedule an interview with you.