And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.”

Mark 16:15-16

Redeemer 54

Based on the scripture of Isaiah 54, our vision is to share the revelation of Jesus as our bridegroom and REDEEMER with the people He sends us to live among. We believe His plan is to see both people and cities throughout the Mediterranean region restored through this powerful revelation and reality.

Clothing Ministry

Hands and Feet

We love our neighbors and want to meet needs and share Jesus with those around us. Hands & Feet is a way we can spend time with each person who comes and pray for their spiritual needs as well as meet a physical need in the arena of clothing and household items.

Food Ministry

In our neighborhood there are people who have a home and some who do not. Every week we make up snack bags which consist of 4 food items and a bottle of water. We give these out with prayer to people who come to our doors. We also give out canned goods to people each week. It is a time we can get to know our neighbors better and challenge them spiritually and personally as well as meet the physical need of food.

Grounds and Gardens Ministry

Someone asked me once, "Is this place called We Will Go or We Will Grow?" It is both. We operate on three bases in downtown Jackson. Base one is the location of the food and clothing ministries and where we have services. Base two is the visitor houses and the community garden. Base three is the Fountain and the location of our green house for growing more food locally.

WWG Arts

What if ministry was sustainable? What if we could help a neighbor out with their basic needs and also disciple them? That was the idea we had when we started WWG Arts. Every week we hire neighbors to help us make items that we can sell.

We believe God makes broken lives new. Our opportunity with WeWillGo Arts is to point out the Creator’s tendency toward restoration through the products we create.

The Fountain

The Fountain on Farish exists to create a safe and loving environment for children and families in the neighborhood. Our family at We Will Go takes time out of our week to be intentional about building relationships with these ones who have the power to change their families, neighborhoods, cities, and generation. The Fountain is a place for children to feel safe, loved, cherished, and honored. It is our mission to model the love of Christ while meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We are able to do this by providing help with homework, discipleship, games, and activities for the children to enjoy.

The Urban 'Sip

Come by The Urban ‘Sip and partake in our hand-crafted Lattes, Cappuccinos, or a good ‘ol fashioned cup of Joe. We are open Mon- Fri from 7am- 5pm | 806 N. Farish St. Jackson, MS | (601) 990-9207

Coffee has become it’s very own definition. It is no longer simply defined as a drink made from roasted and ground coffee beans. It now means the bringing together of people to a place that is both away from home and work, where they can connect over a delightful beverage made especially for them. Here at the Urban ‘Sip, that is of course one of our goals, but we want to take a great cup of coffee to the next level.



One of the most exciting aspects of being a WWG missionary is the opportunity to live amongst and ‘do life’ with the neighbors we feel called to serve. On a daily basis this looks serving neighbors from our front porches / while out in the streets to carry the presence of the Lord and to share Jesus. Sometimes this looks like providing practical resources: such as sharing items from our clothing closet or food pantry with a neighbor. Sometimes this looks like providing a helping hand by offering transportation or assisting a neighbor to get an identification card. This always looks like praying for and with our neighbors; asking the Lord to reveal Himself, His love and purpose in each of their lives. This is what equals true transformation in Jesus!

WOW Kids

During the Sunday afternoon worship service at We Will Go, we offer a “children’s church” type service for children, ages 5-12 years old.   Children who have come to volunteer with their families or church group are invited to join our neighborhood children for a time of ministry designed just for them.

We believe that it is vital for kids to know Jesus.  He is the HOPE for every generation!  There is a radical group of kids on the earth today!  We pray they will fall in love with Jesus and become radical witnesses and warriors for His cause!  The Lord is desiring children to carry His name, not when they get older, but NOW!