We Will Reach

Ministry with Jesus is Practical

One of the most exciting aspects of being a WWG missionary is the opportunity to live amongst and ‘do life’ with the neighbors we feel called to serve. On a daily basis, this looks like serving neighbors from our front porches/out in the streets to carry the presence of the Lord and to share Jesus.  

Through We Will Clothe and We Will Feed, we share practical resources, from our clothing closet or food pantry with a neighbor. Sometimes this looks like providing a helping hand by offering transportation or assisting a neighbor to get an identification card. This always looks like praying for and with our neighbors; asking the Lord to reveal Himself, His love and purpose in each of their lives. This is what equals true transformation in Jesus! 

Ministry with Jesus is a Daily Lifestyle 

WWG offers regularly scheduled weekly ministry activities for visitors and volunteers to get involved with. 

Please see our Weekly Schedule for more information about times, locations of ministry, and ways to get involved.

The Bible gives us clear instructions to minister to those who are sick, poor, ‘widowed, the orphans (James 1:27).’ Jesus says that we are to visit those in prison (Matthew 25:36), and that whatever we do for the ‘least of these’ we have done for Him (Matthew 25:40). As a result, we believe in reaching out to neighbors not only when they are physically situated in our neighborhood, or able to visit our weekly ministry activities, but those who are in hospitals, prisons, shut-ins, etc. Please contact us for more ways to be involved with We Will Reach.

Ministry is a Partnership with Jesus and Others

Outreach Partners

Our outreach ministry is shaped by the specific guidance that the Lord has given WWG to bring Jesus into communities in Jackson as well as throughout the world. As part of this, we greatly value the partnership of other ministries, organizations, and government entities diligently working to serve and minister in Jackson and globally. This includes those serving in similar, as well as differing ways to WWG. Please contact us at visitus@wewillgo.org if you would like to know more about partnering with us.

We believe in the Biblical value of ministering as a body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). As a result, we frequently work in partnership with other organizations offering ministry and services to neighbors in the areas of housing and shelter, education and employment skills, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, etc. or other tangible resources along their faith journey.

We make significant efforts to grow and strengthen these relationships and seek to bear witness of what Jesus is doing in Jackson through these collaborative ministry efforts.



Our Mission

Jesus asks us ‘reach out.’ When we do, we get to meet HIM. He asks us to go into the darkness and be a part of HIS plan to pull people out. It is HE that saves and we are honored to walk alongside Him in His mission (2 Corinthians 5;18). Our mission is to practically demonstrate the love of Jesus to all people the Lord has called us to live amongst as well as to serve alongside. 

Our Heart

• Love the Lord our God with all of our heart, with all of our soul with all of our mind…
It is from this place we are able to:
• Love our neighbor as ourselves.
• We believe that Jesus is really the answer to all needs.
• We desire to equip missionaries and other outreach partners with resources to tangibly demonstrate the love of Jesus to all individuals the Lord brings our way to minister to.

Our Purpose

We exist to meet people where they are at—just as Jesus demonstrates in the Bible. We seek to follow His example to going to the places where the people are at, believing that He has anointed all believers to preach good news and carry HIS light.

Outreach is all of us! There are weekly opportunities to serve at WWG for the day, or even stay for the weekend / week in almost every ministry area. Whether your passion is to participate in a prayer walk throughout the neighborhood, assist to supply a neighbor with practical needs, feel lead to commit a missionary to prayer, or desire to lend your skill set to a specific task or need at WWG—all are welcome.

To get involved please call: 601-398-2410