And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.”

Mark 16:15-16

Amy & David Lancaster

I never imagined that it would have happened this way. Back in 2000 Amy and I were the leaders for a church mission trip to Tunisia. I went and checked that off of my list. The next year we were asked to lead a trip to Egypt.


Jonathan, Olivia, & Sarah Lancaster

We are three of the five people who have been daily witnessing what God is doing through We Will Go since the beginning...

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Ann Bradley Maloney

I am 19 years old & I've grown up in Jackson, MS. I spent the last 9 months at a gap year program in Pine Mountain, GA, called Impact 360. Around Christmas time 2017 I began to plan my next steps...

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Marilyn Allen

Hi! My name is Marilyn and I come from England, via Norway. Like several others, I first heard about We Will Go while in Mozambique. I remember Amy Lancaster saying that God might call some of us to come and serve in Jackson with her. I was convinced that did not apply to me. 

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Mariah Pitre

I first heard about We Will Go Ministries in 2014 while attending Harvest School in Pemba, Mozambique. It was months after returning from Pemba, before I ever visited Jackson, Mississippi.

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William & Alex McClain

God is doing amazing things in Jackson and my wife and I get to be a small part of that here. After we got married here, September 10th, 2016,

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Ruth Alexander

After four and a half years of being a missionary in Pemba, Mozambique, with Iris Ministries, God called me back to the UK. It took some time to transition back to life in the UK, find my feet again, but I never really got settled.

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Donna Nenny

In October of 2014, I felt led to go to a ministry school in Mozambique. God truly showed me a much deeper love than I had ever experienced! He wanted me to experience more of who He was so I could know and be confident in who I am in Him.

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Katelyn Scalese

In 2010 God called me into missions. At the time i thought i knew what that would look like, but i had no idea. God has been so faithful every step of the way as He reveals more and more of what He's called me to.

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My name is Bethany and I heard of We Will Go just before attending Harvest School with Iris Global in late 2017. Immediately my heart was drawn to the work here in Jackson because of their practical application of the gospel in loving their neighbors well...

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Elizabeth Ulanday

Like several others who have come to Jackson, I heard about We Will Go through a missions school I went to in Pemba, Mozambique. As I was preparing to leave the school, God kept impressing the importance of making a tangible change in my life...

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The Sotolongo Family (Ricky & Monica)

We are so excited to join the We Will Go family this year. We are originally from Spring Hill, Florida. We have been married for just over 10 years, and we have 8 beautiful children...

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Grace Bunn

I heard about We Will Go while participating in different things across campus. After participating at a couple of Saturday Serve Days, I felt the call to volunteer at the Fountain in the afternoons...

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Devon Kravet

Last summer, my world was turned upside down in the best way possible when I was a summer intern with We Will Go. I went in thinking it would be like an extended mission trip but quickly learned that learning to love isn’t a short term trip...

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