And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.”

Mark 16:15-16

2019 Mission Trips

  • Washington, DC - May

  • Mozambique – July 

  • Mexico - August


  • Mozambique and Swaziland - November

Mission Trip Testimonies

Puerto Rico

For years I wanted to go home and bring some of my WWG family. While in Pemba, Mozambique, God clearly started opening the doors for this to be possible.  When I left the island I was not saved, so I didn’t have any contact that would be our coordinator in Puerto Rico. Actually, I barely had any contact with my own family.  But, I knew God really wanted us to go and walked the streets of my old neighborhood, sharing the Gospel and praying so people.  That is exactly what we did!  Such an honor that God allows me to serve Him.


During the last week of January, Amy and I had the opportunity to visit Freedom Ministries in Tampico, Mexico. David and Debbie Hogan founded the ministry 40 years ago, and they are still at the helm. Before traveling, we heard stories of extreme violence in the part of Mexico where Freedom Ministries reaches. Our time in Mexico confirmed that those stories are true. We had also heard of all the miracles that are associated with David Hogan, as well as all the suffering the missionaries have experienced while sharing the love of Jesus with the native people of that region. Those stories are also true. We observed firsthand the devotion of every family connected to Freedom Ministries. We were simply overwhelmed by their love for Jesus in that place.


We were so honored to go and minister the love of Jesus in Phuket, Thailand during Christmas. The invitation for us to speak came on the 10th anniversary of the massive tsunami that hit and killed many thousands on Dec 26, 2004. Our family was truly amazed to be a part of Jesus’ love and power and glory moving in Phuket! The mayor of Phuket became a born again Believer a couple of years ago, and was fully supportive of this huge Jesus outreach festival. Phuket is well known for bars, prostitution, sex trafficking, and lots of spiritual darkness. We were able to walk, pray, preach, share, love and watch the powerful love of Jesus transform so many lives! Our dear friends Heidi Baker, Dr. Martin Panter, and his wife Sally were able to come and join us in this amazing time in Thailand. What an honor and joy!


During our 12 day mission trip to Cambodia this past month, the Lord continually showed us how He continually shows up. Despite the country professing to a different faith and having survived a massive genocide less than a few decades ago, the Lord allowed us to share His name and His Hope to so many. Whether in the slums of the country, in the red light districts or in ministering to foreigners living abroad, we got to be apart of the Lord showing up. Among many things, we saw Him speak identity to Cambodia locals, prove Himself as God to foreigners, and remind missionaries that He never gives up–even on them.


Our trip to Mozambique this Summer continued our partnership with Iris Ministries and their Harvest School of missions ( The team encouraged long-term missionaries in the city of Pemba. They also ministered to students attending the 10-week mission school, and that included our ministry sister Madel Perez. An added bonus of the trip was gaining valuable cross-cultural perspective by interacting with beautiful Mozambicans and English speakers from all across the globe.

Middle East

The primary goal of our March trip to the Middle East was visiting and encouraging We Will Go missionary Mer May. The team of Kelly Wilkerson, Amy Lancaster, Levi Gill and Ashley Newsome also got the opportunity to visit three of the seven cities mentioned as churches in the book of Revelation. These ancient ruins gave fantastic biblical perspective about Paul’s work as a missionary. Our time praying over the land gave Mer the opportunity to act as a cultural interpreter, showing how far along she’s come as a servant to the people of her new nation.