The Story of We Will Go


We never imagined that it would have happened this way – GOD’s ways are so much different and better than ours! Amy and David were married in 1992; Jesus gave them three amazing kids in four short years – Jonathan, Olivia, and Sarah. David has a degree in engineering, and Amy has a degree in dental hygiene.

Their prayer and desire has always been to be used by JESUS, to bring HIM glory. They led Bible studies in their home, in churches, led worship, and served Jesus in many ways. Their heart hungered and thirsted for more – to see JESUS’ power and love really impact the world – in their lives!

Back in 2000, David and Amy were the leaders for a church mission trip to Tunisia. They went and led a mission team, and Jesus changed their hearts even more than they dreamed possible.

The next year they were asked to lead a trip to Egypt. JESUS spoke something very deep to their spirits:

1. You will take thousands of people to the mission field.

2. The people who go with you – I will pay for it – don’t worry at all!

From that calling to take people, We Will Go was born.

Jesus began to take them all over the world – to Tunisia, Egypt, Mexico, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Lebanon, Mozambique, and China. They thought that surely JESUS would move them overseas to do missions.

At first, WEWILLGO was all international – taking people on mission trips, encouraging missionaries, lifting up the weak, preaching the Gospel in other lands. The Lancasters have always traveled together as a family, even when the kids were young – how else would they learn if they didn’t go?

In 2005, they had an invitation to minister in Africa full time, and they were thrilled. By this point, they had sold their big house in Brandon, MS, given away a lot of their stuff, and were telling JESUS, “We will go anywhere for YOU!”

God’s answer was different –

HE told them, “JACKSON, Mississippi is your Jerusalem. Jackson is on fire, the gates are torn down, the children are running the streets, and MY people don’t care about it. I want you, my children, to do something about it!”

Their immediate answer was YES JESUS! WE WILL GO for YOU!

Jesus provided a home in downtown Jackson in a very dark difficult area, where they began to reach out to all their neighbors – inviting them over for prayer, Bible study, or a cup of coffee. JESUS blessed tremendously – and HE sent so many people that they outgrew the Lancaster’s kitchen and their yard!

JESUS began to send more and more hungry souls from all over – from the neighborhood, churches, youth groups, and even folks that wanted to be a missionary intern and live at WWG and serve JESUS full time!

JESUS has blessed WWG with many homes, three ministry bases, WWG Arts, gardens, and lots of beautiful missionary interns, amazing church partners, and tons of transformed lives – all for HIS glory!

We once thought a mission trip was always overseas, but God has taught us that sometimes it’s right where you live. It is meeting people and making relationships, and through those relationships, sharing JESUS and showing them JESUS.

Someone asked us if we had ever seen anyone changed by this ministry. I said, yes, that it had changed me completely! Our prayer and hope for you is that you let God change you – really transform you completely! Yes, He can and will use you to change those around you, and He is also so in love with you. If you really want to do all that He has for you, it might not look like what you thought to begin with. Be open to JESUS and GO! Even if it is downtown Jackson!

We bless you and pray HIS absolute best for you! Thank you for coming and opening your heart!

JESUS is worth it all!  Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”